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The N3200XXX is recommended for functionality, performance, and price
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06/21/2011Big Bruin, the US-based consumer electronics site focusing on product reviews and providing the latest in electronics news, got a chance to look at the Thecus N3200XXX NAS and write up a comprehensive article discussing what it really means to own one. The N3200XXX is a consumer product made for home use, so they focused on the functions that the average person would use: ease of use and setup, backing up data, and its effectiveness as a home media server. All in all, Big Bruin was very impressed with the N3200XXX and gave it their “Recommended” award for its functionality, performance, and price.

Design is very important for a home product and good heat expulsion extends the life of a NAS: “The front of the Thecus N3200XXX has a nice design to it. There are four mesh slots to allow air to be pulled in through to the hard disks and exhaust out of the back of the unit…Even at 55 degrees Celsius, our single system fan is only spinning at a very quiet 1370 rpm. At this temperature, the outside of the aluminum shell is just slightly warm to the touch.”

iTunes connectivity provides a basic, but very important feature for home users: “One of the main features of the Thecus N3200XXX is that it can be configured as an iTunes server. Simply by clicking the Enable button and Apply, the server will show up in your iTunes Shared list.”

The front panel LCD makes setting up and monitoring your NAS easy: “The front of the Thecus N3200XXX has a very informative LCD screen that rotates though the basic system information during normal operation.”

The Acronis backup software makes backups easy for everyone: “The last key feature we'll look at are backups. Thecus had enough forethought to include a full version of Acronis True Image Personal with the N3200XXX. Using the CD key on the back of the envelope, we installed the software and within minutes we were configuring our backups.”

Summing it all up, the N3200XXX does its job and does it well: “The more data that the average home or power user collects, the greater the need is for some type of mass storage device to protect it all. The Thecus N32000XXX network attached storage server is very good at addressing this situation. With compatibility for Mac, Linux, and Windows, it makes sharing data and printers extremely easy. With its flexible configuration options and included backup software, it also makes a simple task out of backing up your valuable data.”

Big Bruin felt good enough about the N3200XXX to provide an award and a recommendation: “In the end, the Thecus Techology N3200XXX network attached storage server earns the "Recommended" award for the functions and performance it offers for the price.”

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