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“…the N5200XXX is a successfully made high-end NAS…”
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06/20/2011 - Infos stockage is a French website dedicated to storage issues for SMB and home usage in today's world. The website is all about products, services, and technology news related to storage and is focused on news trends such as SSD, NAS, USB 3.0, and so on. The least one can say is that they know their job and they provided us with an 11-page review in order to give their comprehensive insights about the new 5-bay NAS from Thecus. The review itself is very positive overall and the N5200XXX earned 4 out of 5 stars!

First, they started (literally) from the inside and had a look at what the N5200XXX has under the hood: “There are a lot of connections: two network ports, four USB2.0 slots, one eSata connection; everything being in the back. On the front of the NAS, an LCD screen displays essential parameters of the NAS, including IP address status, and can perform basic operations such as USB copy”.

The N5200XXX is designed to be solid: “It weighs more than 7kgs without disks! This weight confirms the robust feel of the device. Installing disks is a pleasure.”

Next, they outline the strengths of the UI: “among new things, we noticed an online help…and a search menu bar. Both help to find your way among all the proposed functions. […]A module manager allows, without leaving the UI, downloading and installing new functions. If modules are not new in Thecus, this manager makes installation and upgrade easier than before. The firm also provides an SDK which will allow the community to develop their own modules.”

A tip from infos stockage “The N5200XXX supports file systems ext3, ext4, but also XFS and ZFS. If you don't know which one to pick, select ext4.”

RAID 5 Performance

All the charts come from infos stockage and are available on their website. The Qnap product is in RAID1 and only there for reference. The left chart is reading CIFS/SMB and the right chart is writing CIFS/SMB.

The thoughts of infos stockage, talking about reading files: “…for small files, it's excellent with 10.4MB/s, which is the highest score we've recorded here so far.

And for writing “The N5200XXX smashes our previous high scores with more than 100 MB/s”.

They summed it all up in an excellent conclusion: “The N5200XXX earned an extra star thanks to its excellent value. We got here the latest generation of dual core CPU, which performs very well for a reasonable cost in this material range… Firmware V5 is much better compared to the previous versions. We've been pleasantly surprised by Piczza the photo server which seems very promising.

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