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"It's a hell of a fast NAS with a decent feature set"
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05/21/2007 –For businesses data reliability and performance are top priorities. To address this, the 1U4500 Rackmount NAS Server from Thecus Technology offers blazing performance and strong data security features in a convenient 1U form factor. The folks at Small Net Builder recently put the 1U4500 to the test, and found out just how impressive the 1U4500 is. In fact, the 1U4500 delivered performance that bested every RAID 5 NAS tested to date!

Small Net Builder looks at the 1U4500's physical characteristics: "Given the constraints of the 19" form factor, Thecus could include only four drives in the 4500 instead of the five in the desktop N5200. But with a little ingenuity, it managed to keep the N5200's LCD display by encasing it in a thin aluminum case that swings up out of the way, should you need to replace the hard drive behind it...Thecus has improved the design of the trays over the N5200's and I found them much more robust...The rear panel shot in Figure 2 is for the 1U4500S version which Thecus provided for review. There's also a 1U4500R model with a second, redundant, hot-swappable 250W power supply. This is a nicer design choice than the redundant power unit required by Linksys' NSS series, which costs around $800 and requires another 1U rackmount space."

Editors were expecially impressed with its top-notch performance: "Another thing worth mentioning is that it took only four hours to build and sync a 1TB RAID 5 array. Other RAID 5 NASes I've tested lately took 12+ hours to do the same job... I used the NAS Charts to plot the throughput vs. filesize comparison plots shown in Figures 7 and 8. Figure 7 shows both the 4500 and 5200 besting the Linksys NSS4000 for RAID 5 writes with a gigabit 4k jumbo frame LAN connection and the 4500 also beating the 5200... The upshot is that the 4500 has a performance edge over the 5200 and most other RAID 5 NASes tested to date."

The conclusion: "Thecus continues to expand its product line, keeping its primary focus on throughput. The 1U4500 seems to provide a good value proposition over its rackmount competition with its BYOD approach and optional integrated redundant power supply...It's a hell of a fast NAS with a decent feature set."

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