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“…the Thecus N16000 is a fine choice.”
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06/17/2011Since day one, Thecus has always been the NAS producer that pushes the envelope and expands into new territory. With products that exude power, a high quality standard, and innovative design, Thecus has recently moved into the enterprise market with their new N16000 and N12000 NAS. Dave Mitchell, the owner of one of the most advanced electronics testing facilities in the world, had the chance to take Thecus's flagship NAS and push it to it's limit.

Thecus's vision and the N16000's SAS support are unique: “Unlike most small business NAS appliance vendors, Thecus has always had its eye on the bigger picture and is still the only manufacturer in this market sector to support SAS hard disks. We first saw this in our exclusive review of the N8800 SAS but the new N16000 shows Thecus is upping its game ever further.”

The N16000 has big speed even over 1Gb Ethernet: “We began performance testing over Gigabit Ethernet using a Broadberry dual X5560 rack server running Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit. The Iometer utility reported a fast raw read speed 110MB/s for a mapped Windows share whilst drag and drop copies of a 2.52GB video clip returned read and write speeds of 108MB/s. Using the FileZilla client to FTP the video clip also returned the same speeds.”

When Dave Mitchell let the sails out with 10Gb Ethernet, the N16000 really screamed: “For 10-Gigabit Ethernet testing we moved over to a dual Opteron 4170 HE Dell PowerEdge R515 fitted with a single port Intel 10GBase-SR card. With a direct fibre connection to the appliance we saw Iometer return a storming raw read speed of 680MB/s for a mapped share…Most businesses will more than likely connect the appliance to a switch over 10-Gigabit and use it to link multiple servers over Gigabit and we can confirm that the N16000 is quite capable of handling these demands.”

The included Acronis' Backup and Recovery 10 provides excellent backup options: “Thecus also provides some decent backup software with the N16000 as you get five copies of Acronis' Backup and Recovery 10 for Windows Servers included in the price. We found this easy to use as you create a vault on the appliance and then schedule regular backups of disks or volumes on the server.”

IT PRO's verdict is in; the N16000 is an excellent choice for enterprise NAS/SAN needs: “For a 16-bay NAS/IP SAN appliance that supports both SATA and 6Git/s SAS drives, the N16000 is very good value…The new N16000 moves Thecus into the big league for network storage as it provides high storage capacity and plenty of useful features at a reasonable price…If you need the best possible performance and you're willing to invest in the 10-Gigabit Ethernet equipment to get it, the Thecus N16000 is a fine choice.”

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