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The Thecus N4200PRO beat competitors on several crucial parameters!
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06/15/2011A new review of several NAS systems by PC Magazine Russian Edition is now available. Of course, the Thecus N4200PRO got a lot of attention! According to the results of the testing, it not only catches up with the competitors, but overcomes them on several parameters such as the all important reading and writing speeds. 

“According to the SiSoftware Sandra Lite test, this NAS demonstrates up to 52 MB/sec reading and 72 MB/sec writing speed. At the same time, with the HD Playback and Recording test using Intel's NAS Performance Toolkit the speed goes up to 79 MB/sec.”



The results of the SiSoftware Sandra Lite test are provided below:

PC Magazine mentioned that in comparison with its predecessor the N4100PRO, which was tested last year, the N4200PRO is a more modern device showing outstanding results: “The N4200PRO is based on the Intel Atom D525 processor with 1 GB DDR-3 SDRAM. The performance of the processor and RAM are especially important in such small and medium NAS because they usually don't come with high-performance RAID controllers. Therefore, all computing loading associated with dynamic location of data falls on the shoulders of the processor.” 

This model has several major differences which makes it special and are highlighted in the review: “We should point out such special features as a free PCI-e port, a special place for a small [included] back-up battery that either allows the NAS to survive temporary electricity blackouts without any damage to the data or shuts the system down when electricity does not return, and readiness to work with WiFi adapter.”

Besides great features in the internal design of the N4200PRO, its external design stands out as well: “The N4200PRO is reminiscent of its predecessor in the way it looks, but there are not many other similarities in the current technical solution. The N4100PRO's LCD display is replaced by a 2.8'' OLED display, and instead of LED indicators on the left side we now see an LCD display showing the NAS's network activity and disk operation status.”

Finally, PC Magazine loved the way the N4200PRO looks: “The design of this NAS is impeccable. Its professional looking housing, large and quiet 120 mm fan, two eSATA and four USB 2.0 ports are quite enough for even medium enterprises.”

PC Magazine concluded that the N4200PRO together with the modules is a great solution at a modest price: “The N4200PRO coupled with modules downloadable from the Thecus website and a great price can be considered a good choice as a centralized storage solution for home and office use.”

See the full review here:

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