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“…the Thecus N3200XXX provides an excellent level of performance for its price.”
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05/26/2011One of Australia's toughest electronics critics, TechSpot, has been reviewing NAS since the beginning of this still fledgling market and has a long list of previous tests for excellent comparative analysis. When they took a look at the N3200XXX, it quickly outdistanced the competition in direct comparisons with some of the best NAS out there. With a user-friendly UI, a great and expanding feature set with the open-source Thecus module add-on system, and excellent performance, the N3200XXX received a lot of praise and an outstanding review from TechSpot.

The N3200XXX's success starts from its strong hardware: “We were impressed to find that Thecus included a pair of quality Intel Gigabit Ethernet controllers by employing two Intel 82574L chips, which consume only 0.7 watts, use the PCI Express v1.1 (2.5GT/s) bus for maximum throughput and support features such as Jumbo Frames.”

The base feature set is impressive, and, more importantly, expandable. The module system has since gone open source, opening the way for an unlimited number of modules:By default, Thecus offers most of the software features you'll find on competing products and that functionality is further extended with the module system. Being able to choose what you want installed on your NAS device is a great idea and it means that there could limitless options if Thecus continues releasing modules.

The module system gives Thecus users great functionality including downloading and photo serving: The ability to install these extra modules makes the N3200XXX very flexible and powerful. Download managers have become a big part of today's NAS devices so one of our favorite features is the Download Manager 2, which lets you download files directly from the Internet and store them on Thecus N3200XXX without turning on your PC…The DLM2 module supports popular download methods such as BitTorrent, HTTP and eMule. Another great feature is the Piczza Photo Server module which makes editing, organizing, and sharing photos very easy. You can create galleries and bookmark certain photos by adding them to your favorites.”

Thecus's impenetrable encryption features a creative solution, the USB decryption key: “The N3200XXX also supports AES-256bit RAID volume encryption to protect data. To activate this function, the Encryption option needs to be enabled while the RAID is created and is followed by password input for identification. You'll also need an external writable USB thumb drive plugged into the system to save the password you entered while creating the RAID volume.”

The performance results were excellent and the UI is user-friendly and powerful: “Overall, the Thecus N3200XXX was a pleasant surprise. The device offered comparable performance to our Core 2 Duo test system while consistently beating the NAS enclosures offered by Synology, LG and QNAP. Along with scoring high in our benchmarks, the device is well stocked with software features. Its Web Administration Interface is thoughtfully designed, making setup a breeze -- even for novice users, if we had to guess.”

In conclusion, the N3200XXX is an excellent NAS for a great price: “It'll be difficult to find a NAS device for the same price that delivers the same level of performance while supporting more than two hard drives… To wrap this up, we think the Thecus N3200XXX provides an excellent level of performance for its price. The device is easy to configure and it's quite powerful when you consider the number of optional modules at your disposal.”

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