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“The results for the Thecus N4200PRO are quite stunning…”
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05/26/ has long been one of the leading NAS review experts in Europe. After testing the N4200, they were eager to get a hold of its successor, the N4200PRO. With a new Intel Atom D525 processor and 1GB DDR3 SDRAM, it promised to give tremendous results, and it did. This test also comes just after the release of Thecus's Firmware V5, giving a first look at all it has to offer: 3TB HDD support, EXT4 support, a great help feature in the UI, a new photo server called Piczza!, and much more.

The N4200PRO shares one excellent feature with its predecessor; the Mini-UPS backup battery: “…just because you have all your data on a NAS server does not mean that it is secured. Should the power go as you are writing something, there is a real risk that data could be lost. This is where the battery takes over and makes sure that the NAS box is properly shut down.”

The Firmware V5 UI is much improved in many areas:Since V5, Thecus has however cleared up the menu and it has improved. As something new, they added a Help button. If you do not quite know what a menu is doing and what different options do, you can press the Help button and you get an explanation.

Firmware V5 continues the Thecus-exclusive module system with the new freedom of open source modules: Thecus N4200Pro comes preloaded with the most basic needs. If you would like any additional services/programs such as Web server, you can install it when needed. With V5 of Thecus's firmware it is now open source, and hence we can go in and create specific programs for our own needs.”

The Piczza! photo server is a great addition to Thecus's software lineup: “Piczza! is quite an upgrade from their photo server. Not only is it much more intuitive, it can also do more. It recognizes me as a user, and you can now upload pictures and choose who can see them. Images can also be tagged so you can easily navigate through the images.”





To support all of these great features, the performance is top-notch: “The new Intel Pentium D525 processor, DDR3 RAM, and V5 firmware gives the N4200PRO a proper notch up in speed. The N4200 was in itself a fast NAS with speeds lying between 60 and 80 MB/s. But the new N4200PRO pushes performance to the top of what you find on the market, with not less than 90 - 100MB/s it is also in the top of what we here at have experienced.”

All in all, there were eight major factors that sets the N4200PRO apart from the competition:

  • Performance
  • Built-in UPS (battery)
  • Support for both 2.5 "and 3.5" HDD
  • OLED display
  • Construction Quality
  • Connectivity
  • Price – due to included Mini-UPS backup battery
  • WOL (Wake On LAN)

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