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“…The N4200PRO has nearly every feature under the sun.”
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05/24/2011APC Magazine recently looked at the Thecus D0204 with glowing results, so they decided to take a gander at a more serious product, the Thecus N4200PRO NAS. This NAS features the Thecus-exclusive Mini-UPS backup battery, Dual DOM protection, a slew of features, and power to spare. APC took it through its paces and was impressed enough with the results to give the N4200PRO a 9/10 and their elusive “Editor's Choice” award.

The Thecus N4200PRO showcases a revolutionary Thecus-exclusive feature in NAS data protection, the Mini-UPS backup battery: “The Thecus 4-bay N4200PRO has a unique feature not seen in any of the other devices we've seen. It has its own Li-Ion battery backup in case of power loss. Built in to the unit is a small battery, which will give you enough time to gracefully shut down the NAS should the power go out (it's automatic, so you don't need to race and hit the button). When you're dealing with you essential business data, you want this kind fo functionality to ensure its protection.”

Beyond the Mini-UPS, Thecus data protection shows its deep bench:Beyond the nifty battery trick, the N4200PRO has nearly every feature under the sun. The unit supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD, with auto rebuild, hot spare and hot-swap support on its server-style lockable drive bays.

Performance comes first, last, and always: Perhaps of most importance is the unit's performance on the bench. Our testing showed the N4200PRO capable of storing data in our write test at a huge 47MB/s and reading it back at a very respectable 52MB/s This level of performance is more than adequate for any small business.”

See the full review in the June 2011 edition of APC Magazine.

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