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“The Thecus N4200PRO combines good performance with some unique features.”
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05/09/2011PC World of Norway got a chance to look at the N4200PRO firsthand and put it through their speed test. The results were quite impressive, leaving the N4200PRO with some of the fastest speeds on the market, excellent new support with the new firmware upgrade, and a couple of quirks that really make it stand out: the Mini-UPS and Dual-DOM design.

Only Thecus has a hardware backup of the system software on an extra flash disk: “Thecus has an extra element here – the [system] configuration is stored on a separate flash memory in case there is a physical error on the primary [flash drive].”

The Thecus-exclusive Mini-UPS is a fantastic and innovative addition: “A feature unique to Thecus is that some models are available with an integrated UPS. This is a battery installed in the device that ensures that the data contained in the write buffer is written to the disk before the device turns off should the power be cut off...Using a UPS to deliver a controlled shutdown during a power failure is really recommended for all server solutions, but for home and small business, there are many who do not have a solution - the integrated battery can therefore be a good idea.”

Software functionality is excellent: When it comes to other software-based functionality, Thecus offers a relatively large amount. Also Thecus can provide iSCSI support, UPnP AV streaming server, iTunes server, FTP server, Web-based access to files and more.”

Firmware V5 brings Thecus's new Piczza! photo server and EXT4 support among others: “In the latest version of the software, which comes as an upgrade soon to a number of Thecus NAS's, comes with a better solution for Web-based photo albums. It will also put into place support for the EXT4 file system, which should give better performance.”


The performance is top-notch placing at the top of the market: “Performance-wise the device delivers very good numbers...In file transfer, we had read performance in excess of 100 megabytes per second and write performance of nearly 90 megabytes per second. Also transferring small files we see very good numbers in some areas…”

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