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Powerful protection, iOS/Android connectivity, and fierce performance
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05/02/ is a site that specializes in the cutting-edge of electronics and is has a lot of experience with NAS. They were looking forward to getting a chance to put the Thecus N4200 through their paces and they got excellent results. They were impressed with the safety features like the Mini-UPS backup battery and Dual DOM protection, functionality of such advances as iOS/Android mobile connectivity, and performance with transfers reaching over 100MB/s!

The N4200's module functionality is an excellent standout feature: “…Thecus has created a system where you can install additional modules as needed. For example, do you want the server to take care of your BitTorrent downloads? Then install the "Download Manager" module. Need your NAS to act as a Web or e-mail server, or do you have an IP camera to manage on your network? Modules. The advantage of this is that you do not have too much clutter in the management menus, and that the NAS's resources are spent on what you actually need.”

Thecus-exclusive features make data security tight: "In addition, the N4200 takes the extra step to please those who want more security from the average NAS. With a built-in battery (UPS) and doubled-up firmware (Dual-DOM), neither power failure nor any flash memory error could kill your data. Should you wish, you can also go for RAID 6 with this box, which means that it can handle two hard drives breaking at the same time.”

The dual screen design lets you keep tabs on your NAS and access basic functions without a computer: “…it can be useful for accessing the NAS too. The LED display gives you an insight into the status of disks, networks, and data traffic, while using OLED screen with the buttons underneath presents an opportunity for basic interaction with the NAS. For example you can set the IP address or reset it if you cannot connect to it in a different way.”

Connect to your iOS and Android devices with Thecus NAS: " Finally, we want to mention that the Thecus N4200 also has something extra for those who have IOS or Android. The Dashboard app lets you monitor the NAS's status, as well as enable and disable services, while ThecusShare can be used to stream music and movies over a [local or remote] network."

Performance was excellent, even within the safety of RAID 5: "…the N4200 behaved exemplary in our RAID 5 crash tests. On top of this, this NAS was in a good shape in terms of performance. A poor RAID controller, for example, tends to punish the write performance in RAID 5, but we see nothing like that here."

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