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“Outstanding performance combined with many, many possibilities.”
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04/27/ of the Netherlands was excited to get their mitts on Thecus's new 2-bay performance NAS to give it a trot around the block. What they found was that “Performance” meant the fastest NAS in the industry and, coupled with Thecus's new firmware V5, the N2200XXX had a slew of excellent new functionality to boot.

First of all, the hardware is very impressive: “…in terms of technology, the brand has spared no expense. This NAS has room for two 3.5-inch hard drives and an Intel Atom D525 board. That is a dual-core processor running at 1.86 GHz, which, combined with 1 GB of RAM, is quite powerful and makes this, at least in terms of performance, the most powerful hardware a NAS [This size] has had to date.”

The N2200XXX has great connectivity and beats out similarly priced models: On the outside Thecus has tried to make the N2200XXX as comprehensive as possible. On the front there is an SD/MMC card reader located next to a USB plug and a convenient USB copy button. On the back side, there is an eSATA port and two more USB plugs. The network connections are redundant and obviously the gigabit-type. This is more complete than, say, about the same priced Synology DS710+, which has no second network connection and is equipped with a single- instead of a dual-core processor.”

Thecus's module system gives this NAS great flexibility and a lot of functionality: “All these functions can be install yourself using modules. The included disc contains a large number of enhancements, including TwonkyMedia (the license number is included on the cover of the CD), a mail server, web server,   MySQL database server, NZBget for downloading from newsgroups, photo server Piczza!, the web file manager WebDisk, and an http, ftp, BitTorrent and Emule download manager. Interestingly enough, the default server for iTunes is already installed on the Thecus [N2200XXX].”

The N2200XXX's performance is outstanding, topping Hardware.Info's charts by a wide margin and, along with fantastic functionality, earning Hardware.Info's Silver Award: “Out of all the NAS we've tested, the N2200XXX shows excellent performance…Outstanding performance combined with many, many possibilities…Given the excellent performance and the many functions, we find the Thecus N2200XXX worthy of the Hardware.Info Silver Award.”

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