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“With a built-in Mini-UPS and improved overall performance.”
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04/15/2011PC ADV, one of Taiwan's leading consumer electronics magazines, has been reviewing NAS since the inception of the industry. Thecus's N4200 series has been a focal point in the market for a long time because of its performance and innovation, and PC ADV found that the N4200PRO is no exception. With an Intel Atom D525 and 1GB of DDR3 RAM for improved performance, a built-in Mini-UPS emergency power supply system, and Dual DOM protection, the N4200PRO has gotten a great response from users and reviewers alike. Due to these market leading advancements, PC ADV had no choice but to award it their Grade A Recommended Award!

With the built-in Mini-UPS, you no longer need to fear power outages: “A majority of NAS can connect to an external UPS module through a USB connection, but you don't have to rely on an external power source anymore...When there is a power failure, the NAS will sound a warning beep and copy all of the data from the cache to the internal hard drives. When the Mini-UPS is drained down to a certain point, the system will automatically shut down. Basically, all processes are shut down within 5 minutes.”

The dual screen design lets you keep tabs on your NAS and USB 3.0 support gives you ultra-high speed transfers: “The N4200PRO has both an LCD and an OLED screen. The first shows the health of your disks and the second can be treated as an emergency control panel. The OLED screen allows you to operate a number of basic functions without a computer. The N4200PRO provides eSATA and USB 2.0 ports, as well as a PCI-e slot that can support USB 3.0 connectivity.”

If budget considerations are important to you, the N4200Eco provides an excellent option without sacrificing any performance whatsoever: "With a limited budget, we recommend that you choose the N4200Eco model, the difference being that it doesn't come with a Mini-UPS and has a single DOM."

See the full review in the March 2011 issue of PC ADV.

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