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"An easy-to-use, perfectly functional media server"
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04/16/2007 Digital entertainment is the next wave, and the N1200 NAS Media Server from Thecus Technology is the ideal solution to deliver digital media content throughout the entire home. The folks at Hexus recently had one of these units in their test lab, and after a series of rigorous tests, agreed that it was one useful little NAS. In the end, they saw it fitting to bestow the N1200 with the Hexus Labs Media Award!

The design of the Thecus N1200 won editors over: "Overall, the N1200 looks good and feels good. It's a good example of a compact and sturdy NAS box that'll fit just about anywhere in the home…Aesthetically, Thecus has created a very pleasing product. Its steel construction also makes it very sturdy. It'll fit just about anywhere and shouldn't come to any harm wherever you put it. Installing a hard drive is dead easy and setting it up is a walk in the park, too."

Setting up a media server should be easy, and the N1200 is no exception: "The setup utility, which can detect and configure Thecus devices regardless of their network configuration, formats the disk installed into the N1200 and at the same time uploads a binary image to it. Evidently, the flash memory on the N1200 is just for bootstrapping and basic functionality, while the full OS needs installing to hard disk, where, of course, capacity is not an issue. It's a clever move that cuts costs with seemingly no disadvantages. In fact, it should make it easier to upgrade, or fix it if something goes wrong. Setup takes about 10 minutes or so, depending on the hard disk installed in the system. After a reboot, the N1200 is ready to use."

The verdict? "Overall, the N1200 looks good and feels good. It's a good example of a compact and sturdy NAS box that'll fit just about anywhere in the home…Thecus has made some very good design decisions with the N1200, resulting in an easy-to-use, perfectly functional media server."

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