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“…has the Intel Atom D525 and revised firmware for a performance boost.”
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03/16/2011The N4200PRO went through c't Magazine's rigorous group test with grit and toughness to show its strength. Out of the ten NAS tested, the N4200PRO came out with the highest speed recorded at over 106MB/s! C't was also impressed with the N4200PRO's many features strengthening data protection and ease of use.

The Thecus N4200PRO can do it all: “The NAS dominated all major network protocols. This includes a media or web server that is preconfigured on the device.”

ZFS and snapshot support reinforce data security and ease of access: As a delicacy, Thecus has support of the ZFS file system installed, so that it has the NAS snapshot command and it can be available as an SMB share on the network.”

Enter the Thecus-exclusive Dual-DOM design and mini-UPS. Data security is the holy grail of NAS, and Thecus does it best with innovation and style: “Also added for data security, Thecus thought of a few more breakthroughs: The NAS stores its firmware twice in two separate flash modules (“dual-DOM”). It will start up even if one module or a firmware update fails. As for higher data security, a standard lithium-ion battery is supplied, which can be docked by PCI-Express to the NAS. If power is interrupted, it keeps the supply voltage for enough time to allow the NAS to shut down completely.”

It's the best deal on the market for the top hardware and more: “For the price of 500€, the Qnap for its two-disk NAS empty housing with a powerful Atom processor is extremely steep. For the same money you get the Thecus [N4200PRO] that houses the same expensive hardware equipment including a built-in UPS, with twice as much storage space.”

See the full review in the January 31st, 2011 edition of c't Magazine.

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