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“The D0204 is a really great solution…”
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02/28/2011- iTrends of Denmark has a lot of experience with NAS and external hard drives, and they applied all of that expertise to the D0204 DAS. With high expectations and a tough series of tests, iTrends gave the D0204 a glowing review gushing with praise. They felt that DAS fills an important niche between NAS and external hard drives, and Thecus makes a groundbreaking entrance into the market with the D0204.

The D0204 has exciting new features to make it stand out in today's competitive storage market: “You could say it is the sequel to the classic USB hard drive that has been prevalent in the market for quite a few years. What makes the D0204 really exciting is the combination of a 2-disk solution with the new USB3.0 speed standard… [You can] run multiple disk setups with the DAS server, which can use both RAID 0, 1, and Large.”

The general quality of construction is impressive: “Designed by Thecus, one of the most interesting aspects of the D0204 DAS server is how good the quality is. It is especially important to have a robust solution that can be transported on the road because of USB functionality. The main features of the DAS server that we get from Thecus are quality and performance.”

Performance, performance, performance!: “…We do not need more performance, as 100MB/s+ from the USB3.0 connection using low budget hard drives is absolutely delicious when you are accustomed to 32MB/s from a USB 2.0 connection which has dominated the market for years… Choosing some faster SATA hard drives, or the lightning-fast SSD drives will make the results look clearly different.”

The conclusion: “The Thecus D0204 DAS Server ranks up to an impressive 90 points on our iTrends character-scale system, and the last points are lost because the solution cannot be bought in Denmark…The D0204 DAS server is quite impressive, and I was surprised you can have this many features in a USB powered device. Why hasn't this been done sooner? Performance, yes we do not need to talk about that when the USB3.0 runs at 100MB/s+ even with a pair of cheap hard drives installed.”

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