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Stability, reliability, and usability all top notch
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02/15/2007With blazing performance and a laundry list of features, the Thecus N5200 NAS device never ceases to impress. The editors at Tech Fear recently took the N5200 out for a spin, and after some rigorous testing, reported some solid results citing excellent stability, reliability, and usability.

Stability is key when choosing a NAS device: “For products like a standalone NAS device, we look to a unit's overall stability first. Primarily, this subjective category is gauged with focus on stability errors (such things that might require a cold restart) and interface issues. The N5200 has shown no signs of instability whatsoever. The final restart during our hands-on test phase has resulted in an uptime of nearly 30 days with no performance degradation or error. During this time, we've had periodic spikes of high usage (both user initiated and automated benchmark utilities) that should mimic a typical installation. As a result, we think this is a good example of how the N5200 will work in most implementations.”

With second-to-none reliability, users can count on the N5200: “This is our first exposure to Thecus, but our technicians have been using various storage technologies from enterprise-level NAS units to robust Storage Area Network (SAN) units housing terabytes of data. So, we know that reliability is an important aspect of any storage solution; a user's data can be quite important. We've had the N5200 in-use for several months and can't point to a single reliability issue. The support we've gotten from Thecus as a review site is superb and we expect this to carry over to the consumer experience as well.”

The verdict? “The ability to share drive space to UNIX, Windows, and Apple/Mac clients is incredible. Being able to securely access data over the web is a nice addition as well. Combine that with the fact that the N5200 can act as a print server, and the cost will come in line for users looking to a NAS device. For users that want to implement a large storage array that can be installed away from primary usage space to keep heat and noise to a minimum, the N5200 is a win. The unit is easy to use, presented no design or implementation issues and performed similar to other mass storage offerings (especially in this price range).”

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