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A preview of Thecus's XXX series reveals much promise
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02/21/2011- PC World Norway is no stranger to storage. They have reviewed NAS, large and small, for years and have a good grasp of what to expect when taking one out of the box for the first time. In this preview of Thecus's XXX series, they outline a few of their expectations and put them in an industry-wide perspective.

First a general description sets the stage: “…there are five models launched in the XXX series. The N2200XXX, N3200XXX, N5200XXX and N82000XXX respectively accommodate two, three, five, and eight internal hard drives. In addition, there is the rack mount 1U4200XXX model with four hard drives. All models, except for the N3200XXX, are based on the Intel Atom D525 - this is a dual-core Atom. N3200XXX is based on the slightly older Atom 270 processor...”

The XXX series complements Thecus's full range of products: “The previous models, the Thecus N4200, N4200Eco, and N42000PRO, are also based on Intel Atom processors and use the same software as the XXX models…The N2200XXX N3200XXX and are more directly targeted at home users. The largest units will be targeted at businesses, while the regular N4200 Series can be relevant for both segments.”

Thecus's upcoming firmware update looks promising: “As these new models are being launched, Thecus is coming out with a major software update (v5.0) for many of its NAS models. The update will provide improvements in ease of use and functionality. In some areas the performance will be improved, including through adoption of the EXT4 file system. In addition, the functionality of Thecus NAS is already extensive. Besides traditional storage solutions…there are also add-ons that can be installed to provide additional functionality.”

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