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The N0503 shows superior flexibility and performance in its big win
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02/18/2011 The 3rd annual Technology Trends Gold Medal was just snatch up by the Thecus N0503 ComboNAS. PC Home Magazine, PCADV Magazine, and TechBang Online, three branches of a popular Taiwanese media organization, gives out this award for outstanding products that exceed expectations and demonstrate exceptional innovation. The event is hosted to urge electronics developers to push their own boundaries and move further into the next generation of computing. The main goal of this contest is to encourage technology companies to take innovative risks and stray from traditional ways of thinking in order to develop breakthrough digital products that deviate from the norm, spurring healthy competition.

The Technology Trends Gold Medal entries are judged by experts in every major professional arena, including academics, industrial designers, famous bloggers, business people, and electronics specialists. Each outstanding product must first satisfy stringent quality requirements as a serious A-list product before being selected as an approved entry. The products are then put through a series of evaluations and performance tests before a winner is chosen.

The N0503 "High-endurance NAS" sports a potent Intel Atom processor with 1GB of SDRAM. Not only does it have excellent performance, but it has also proven itself to be a sophisticated, multifaceted NAS. Offering support for two different types of disks, the N0503 can hold three 3.5" hard drives or five 2.5" hard drives. This greatly increases the flexibility and convenience that it offers SMB's and home users. It also supports many types of RAID, keeping your data safe, intact, and consistently accessible. This safety net is coupled with the N0503's powerful backup solutions, including Thecus's proprietary backup system, which provides fast, efficient backup management and transfers.

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