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02/14/2011- With yet another very positive review coming in, the Thecus N4200 has come to exemplify Thecus's dedication to turning out a products which are powerful, reliable, and have great functionality. took a very thorough look at the N4200, dissected its ins and outs, and came out with a lasting impression.

Thecus lives its “Zero Crash” motto and saves you cash: “The Thecus N4200 is called "Zero Crash" by Thecus, and this is not for fun. Thecus has chosen to equip the N4200 with a battery. The battery is easy to install - it pushed in and then screw a tiny screw in… The battery should not be seen as an opportunity to run without power, but rather as an opportunity to save their data if an accident should happen. Many other NAS devices – including the N4200 - have UPS support… What one must remember is that with the Thecus N4200, you receive a free "UPS". A UPS is usually a very expensive investment and can easily cost more than the NAS. [That] makes this a very inexpensive solution. Another aspect is that it does not take up very much space.”

This powerful machine gives you great performance: “Performance is very good and our Windows test results show transfer speeds of between 50 – 70MB/s. ATTO test shows results of 80MB/s read speed and a write speed of 60MB/s. One therefore gets cood speed with the Thecus N4200…If feels almost like it's all locally on your own computer.”

Thecus's module system keeps the N4200 light, agile, and flexible: “One of the special things about Thecus is that their NAS devices don't have as many pre-installed programs. They have instead chosen that you can install and activate modules as you wish. Thecus has a database of programs that they themselves have developed and can be installed directly from the NAS. If you want and have the skills, you can even develop programs to make your NAS do exactly what you want.”

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