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“Two thumbs up: easy to set up, easy to figure out, easy to use.”
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12/18/2006 Fully equipped with five SATA hard disks, multiple RAID options, and blazing performance, the Thecus N5200 RouStor is a NAS device that doesn't pull any punches. The Inquirer recently tested the N5200 RouStor, and after a grueling review that spanned two full-length articles, was thoroughly impressed with its design, features, and performance, giving it two thumbs up!

The Inquirer began with the design of the N5200 RouStor: “The first thing you notice is that physical box is a bit bigger than its older sibling. It holds five drives instead of four, and does a lot more, so the size increase is understandable. The next thing that catches your eye is bright blue backlit LCD on the bottom, a truly welcome addition. The LED shows LAN and WAN IPs, time, date, disk and fan status. It also allows you to set these things if you don't have a PC handy. Since there are only up, down, enter and escape buttons, setting IPs can be a pain, but in a pinch, it is a lifesaver. This addition gets two thumbs up.”

Its features were as impressive as its performance: “Now that the physical side of things is taken care of, how well does it work? In short, very well, it is amazingly feature packed and fast. RAID levels have been expanded, it now does 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD. 6 is the main addition, made possible by the addition of the fifth drive, basically it does it all…To answer the question of how fast, the short story is it can sustain 25+ MB/S until you get bored. The N5200 simply blows its older brethren out of the water, 4-5 times faster in most cases...Overall, performance was very solid.”

The Inquirer also took notice of the availability of source code, a boon for enthusiasts: “Last up, one pat on the back to Thecus. All of their devices run Linux, and Thecus is being very good corporate citizens about their use of GPL'd code. Normally, you only hear about people violating the GPL or have to search their site for a buried link to the source. With Thecus, the opposite is true. They put the code on their main page, usually right next to the firmware updates themselves...Again well done.”

The conclusion: “So, what do we have with the Thecus N5200 RouStor? A box that is better in every way than it's predecessor, faster, better laid out, and hugely more user friendly...A year ago, the N4100 was a $700 unit. Now it is a $450 box and the N5200 is a $700 machine… If you are looking to get a geek you know and love a gift this ChaunaKwanzaMas, anyone I know would be delighted to get one of these...Basically, two thumbs up: easy to set up, easy to figure out, easy to use.”

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