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New firmware further improves already stellar performance
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12/12/2006 –Ever striving for perfection, Thecus engineers continue to seek out the best performance possible for Thecus fans. The YES Box N2100, Thecus' first two-bay NAS, has undergone several improvements since its release as engineers discover more ways to squeeze extra performance from its firmware. SmallNetBuilder, formerly Tom's Networking, recently took another look at the N2100, and found that its latest firmware revision significantly improves the unit's already strong performance.

Here are the results of a test with a 100Mbps LAN in JBOD mode: “Figures 1 and 2 show write and read results respectively with a 100 Mbps LAN connection and the N2100 configured in JBOD mode. (The N2100 also supports RAID 0 in addition to JBOD and RAID 1, but I didn't test that mode.) Included in the plots are the D-Link DNS-323 and HP Media Vault, which are recently tested dual-drive NASes with similar performance...Both read and write performance have significantly improved with the new firmware. 100 Mbps JBOD write performance now ranks right after the D-Link DNS-323 and read performance is better than both the DNS-323 and HP Media Vault.”

How did RAID 1 fare? “Figures 3 and 4 show write and read results respectively with a 100 Mbps LAN connection and the N2100 configured in RAID 1 mode. Relative rankings are the same as for JBOD for both write and read, with the N2100 once again showing significantly improved performance.”

The conclusion: “If you have a Thecus N2100 and haven't upgraded to the 2.1.03 firmware, the iozone test results show that installing the upgrade will provide a nice performance boost. Who says that nothing comes for free?”

With free firmware updates available on a regular basis, customers can purchase Thecus products with confidence.

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