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One of Norway's premier technology magazines is swept away by the N4200
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12/21/2010After many testing many NAS, Norway's Nettverk & Komm finally found one that filled all the gaps and satisfied all possible storage needs and wants. They found that the Thecus N4200 combined power, stability, and industry-leading innovation.

The back-up Mini-UPS is the first in a line of features that sets the N4200 apart: "Perhaps the biggest innovation in relation to competing solutions is a lithium battery that is included in the box...In previous tests, the Synology Disk Station DS1010 + among others, we have noted that the power supply may be a weak point if the solution is used in a business...Thecus has solved this in an elegant manner."

Maintaining the integrity of the system and protecting your data are paramount, and that's why Dual-DOM protection is so important: “Thecus has also integrated another security feature that can provide good insurance. The N4200's system software and settings are doubled up on two flash memory drives. A so-called Disk-On-Module (DOM) contains the system software. If this fails, the other DOM automatically reprograms the primary DOM so that the device will still work.”

You can't overestimate the value of ease of use and accessibility: "After the battery was in place, we started the unit and the configuration of the NAS. It all took place without drama and with the included software it was easy to reach the user interface. We installed the drives and created a volume for our testing. The user interface is intuitive and easy to work, and it did not take long before we had a shared resource up and running."

The N4200 truly is a NAS that covers all the bases: "All in all, we think this is a good package when we look at functionality, the built-in UPS and the expandability."

For the full review, check out the November 2010 issue of Nettverk & Komm.

For more information on the N4200, check out:

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