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"The N4200 is technically the best solution we've had on the table"
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11/15/2010The N4200 from storage leader Thecus® Technology continues to win over the hearts of hardware editors the world over. The latest review comes from iTrends, which had the chance to thoroughly test the Zero-Crash NAS. What they discovered was that the N4200 is truly something special, and decided to give it a final rating of 95 out of 100 and their esteemed Editor's Choice Award, stating that "the N4200 is technically the best solution we've had on the table"!

iTrends compares the N4200 to another 4-bay solution:"Thecus has been with our editorial team again and this time it was with their latest 4-disc solution on the market. This solution, along with Qnap, was among the first with the latest ATOM D510 processor. It turns out that such a combination is a really good idea. But Thecus has not only a faster CPU for their NAS, but it is the first NAS on the market equipped with UPS/Backup battery standard which gives increased security during a power outage."

The mini-UPS and OLED display really shined in the hearts of the editors:"The small battery is included with the N4200 NAS allows the NAS can turn down the power outage without data loss because it will not be interrupted...Additionally, they packed it with attractive features like an OLED display in front, which also has the ability to manage the most basic functions of the NAS server via the buttons."

At the end, the editors rendered their verdict:"…the N4200 is technically the best solution we've had on the table because the UPS/backup battery is included as standard and the price is also very interesting. The Thecus N4200 NAS Server earns an impressive 95 points on or iTrends scoring system for an ultra-cool 4-disk NAS solution. The transition to the ATOM D510 processor makes the N4200 a lightning fast and effective NAS solution. Features including the back-up battery/UPS and DUAL DOM feature especially give the NAS high marks. Thecus N4200 NAS Server also earns an Editor's Choice Certificate because Thecus has simply amazed us. For small/medium businesses and individuals with a penchant for efficient and fast NAS solutions, the N4200 has it all and then some."

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