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"An ideal NAS server for those who emphasize data security"
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11/03/2010Packing a number of innovative security features that keep your data safe, the Zero-Crash N4200 NAS from Thecus® Technology is the only choice for those with critical data that needs to be secured at all costs. CHIP Online Turkey recently tested the N4200 to see if it lived up to its claims, and in the end, they were extremely impressed. In fact, editors gave the N4200 a final rating of 5 stars, calling it "An ideal NAS server for those who emphasize data security".

The dual core processor really helps things run smoothly: "At first glance, Thecus' new NAS server comes with a dual-core processor, a remarkable product. There is a philosophy of one hand washes the other with the N4200, which is based on Intel's dual-core Atom D510 processor. In the case that so many clients access the device at the same time, commands can be processed easily."

Dual DOM and dual displays are hallmarks of the N4200: "Another feature is used in pairs is the N4200's Dual DOM. If your NAS server's operating system crashes, an operating system backup stored on a secondary Disk On Module is activated and the old operating system is repaired. In this way, you can continue to access your data. The N4200 also allows imaging support. The LCD panel located on the product displays critical information such as hard disk and network status, while the other OLED display allows you to control WAN, LAN, link management, language settings and more."

The Mini-UPS unit really brings it all together: "Beyond all of these features, the most prominent feature of the N4200 is the dual power supply. For example, a blackout during a firmware update may make the product unusable, but with the N4200's lithium battery, this problem is lost to history."

The verdict from CHIP Online: "Offering the highest level of security, Thecus' N4200 is tailored for storage."

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