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N5200 Trounces 8 Competing Products with Outstanding Performance
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11/15/2006 – With outstanding performance and flexibility, the Thecus N5200 NAS Device with RouStor™ Technology fuses safe and secure network-attached storage with the convenience of an integrated router. The result is an all-in-one device that can handle both storage and networking for growing enterprises. Hardware authority C'T Magazine recently pitted the N5200 with eight other NAS solutions. After a gamut of rigorous tests, C'T Magazine found that of all nine tested devices, the N5200 stands alone as the superior solution with useful features and performance that is second-to-none.

C'T Magazine begins by looking at some of the N5200's key features: "We have to say, Thecus makes an excellent hardware combination: Intel Celeron M running at 600 MHz and 256MB of memory. As the only one NAS device, Thecus N5200can be implemented with 5 SATA HDDs for up to 3.75TB or storage. And the HDD can be built one after another. The display in front panel is especially useful. Users can key in IP address and change the passwords without a keyboard. Through the web interface, users can easily set up the configuration. We found an option for an HDD sleep mode which is not active yet. However, through new firmware, this useful function will be enabled. Thanks to the USB2.0 connections, N5200 can be used not only as network storage but also a huge external hard disk. Furthermore, the N5200 even integrates a 4-port Gigabit switch."

So how was the performance? "Thecus N5200 is the fastest runner compared with the NAS we tested. Even Infrant ReadyNAS NV is quite fast in reading, but the Thecus N5200 is even better in writing."

N5200 Write/Read: 27.3 MB/s, 32.4 MB/s

Infrant ReadyNAS write/Read: 6.8 MB/s, 34.1 MB/s

The conclusion: "Among current NAS manufactures, we can see that providers are making efforts on performance and features. In our test field, Thecus brings the best performance and nice extra features. Through N5200 announcement, it is about time to throw the old server away and replace it with N5200. The Infrant ReadyNAS NV is not bad if the writing performance wasn't so lousy. The Intel SS4000-E, due to the limited functions and low performance, is impossible to reach Thecus' level. If people are looking for cheap solution, The Synology Cubestation is fine--if users can bear with the uncomfortable HDDs trays."

For the full review, check out Issue 20 of C'T Magazine.
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