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Editors applaud superior features, performance and data security
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10/06/2010When searching for a centralized storage solution, you need something that is not only powerful, but also comes with plenty of features to keep your data safe. Subbed the Zero-Crash NAS, the N4200 from storage leader Thecus® Technology does exactly that, offering innovative features, strong performance and data security in one easy-to-use package. Recently, the editors of Geek Room had the chance to take the N4200 for a test drive, and in the end, the four-bay wonder received an extremely positive review.

The list of things the N4200 can do is impressive: "The NAS has a web interface, which will allow us to manage it from the outside. It will be possible for example to connect a camera to perform IP surveillance, it integrates an FTP server that will allow recovery of our files directly via FTP from the outside, it can act as a web server to host websites, and it can also manage bitorrent downloads, which will allow us to download Linux distributions and such. :) It can do many things: file server, iTunes server, FTP server, Web server, print server, and many others."

Managing the N4200 is surprisingly easy: "Once the disks are placed, one connects to the network via Ethernet cable and it can be accessed from a computer via a web interface to configure the device. The interface itself is very fast and simple, no need to be a great technician to get there."

Performance is also top-notch: "Once everything is installed, you can now play: testing the FTP transfer is pretty fast and streaming is good too. The Time Machine backup on the NAS is really interesting."


  • Many functions
  • Transfer speed
  • The backup battery

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