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One of Taiwan's foremost tech websites discusses functionality and efficiency
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10/04/2010As the digital age provides ever increasing advances, Thecus is always at the forefront of innovation. Providing effective power saving solutions matched with outstanding performance in our NAS is important for both our customers and our world. Recently, one of Taiwan's most influential hardware review sites put the N4200 through the ringer. After finished their analysis, this is what they had to say:

With the N4200's mini-UPS, even if there is a sudden loss of power, you don't have to worry about a sudden loss of data: "At the back of the N4200 there is a empty slot with a very significant function, this is for a 1000mAh battery. Very simply put, this acts as a kind of UPS device. When there is a power outage, it steps in as a supplement power supply to allow the machine to save all unwritten data into hard disks and then shut down normally, avoiding data loss or damage. Any office would consider this an essential capability."

The N4200 combines high performance with frugal energy use and efficiency: "The N4200 boasts the Atom D510 dual-core processor, making it much faster than most NAS as well as more efficient with a large number of users. As far as power consumption, with two disks [the N4200] used a maximum of 36W. According to Western Digital, their WD2001FASS 2TB drives use about 10W of power, that means that even with four drives the consumption rate wouldn't exceed 60W; that's less than most desktops!"

In conclusion, the N4200's features, flexibility, and ease of use set it apart from the crowd: "The N4200's features are truly formidable, including File Server, Media Server, Print Server, FTP Server, Web Server, and so on. ISO files and applications are also accessible. The settings are all very easy to adjust, so even users that are unfamiliar with networking will be able to get started in a short time; experienced users will have no problems at all. For all of these reasons, this NAS is very well suited for home and small business use."

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