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Editors declare "Massive amounts of storage for a competitive price"
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09/08/2010For months, the Thecus® N7700PRO has been dominating the performance charts, proving that it has the power to handle any storage task thrown at it. The editors of CNET Australia managed to bring the seven-bay powerhouse into their test labs and put it through a gauntlet of tests. In the end, the big storage and competitive price ruled the day, with CNET editors awarding the N7700PRO an overall score of 8 out of 10!

CNET editors kick off the review with a short introduction to the N7700PRO: "For all intents and purposes the N7700PRO is a souped up version of the N7700… What is new is the 4GB RAM instead of 2GB, dual DOMs, support for 25 iSCSI targets instead of 15, and a 1.66GHz Core 2 Duo processor over the older Celeron M 1.86GHz chip."

Fully featured with wicked performance to boot: "The N7700PRO is still a heavily featured NAS though — all the usual suspects are here from beeping and email notifications, to power-on schedules, UPS monitoring and wake on LAN. It has support for SMB, AFP, NFS, Nsync and Bonjour protocols; it runs FTP, sFTP, UPnP, iTunes and printer servers; will mount ISO files; has group and user management; supports up to RAID 6 and offers EXT3, EXT4 and ZFS file systems. Copying a large file across over SMB saw the N7700PRO deliver 86MB/s average write and 106MB/s average read speeds when configured to RAID 5 across seven 1TB disks — a good result, and the hefty processor and extra RAM should ensure it holds up in a multi-user environment too."

The conclusion: "For price/performance Thecus still stands out, with the massive NAS going for around AU$1400 online. That's around AU$100 cheaper than QNAP's TS-559 Pro, which has less RAM, a considerably weaker processor and only five drive bays."

· Massive amounts of storage for a competitive price
· Great performance
· Chunky processor and RAM

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