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Editors declare the Mini-UPS "a revolution in the field"
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59hardware innovation09/06/2010The Thecus® N4200 brings with it a number of innovative features that have rocked the digital storage market. One such feature is the Mini-UPS unit, and just like the editors of 59Hardware recently discovered, it is truly a novel feature for NAS servers. In fact, 59Hardware editors just awarded the N4200 their Innovation Award!

By far one of the N4200's standout features is its colorful OLED display: "The N4200 looks pretty good and clean. The front has two USB ports and the start button. The highlight of the N4200: its 2.8" OLED to display some information on the NAS and to modify any settings. The screen is monochrome yellow and undoubtedly brings a note of elegance and professionalism to the N4200."

Installing the N4200 is incredibly easy: "The installation begins with the material aspects: installation of disks in the trays, cradles in the NAS and connecting power cables and network. For this test, we'll use four 500GB disks. A very good point for Thecus is that the installation can be done without installing/using a wizard of any kind. We only need to connect to the NAS via a browser, and nothing else. This is very significant since it avoids polluting the machine with unnecessary software that will be used only once. "

Here's the conclusion": "Finally, this NAS Thecus N4200 is a very good 4 bay product. All is good and very consistent: a well-finished housing, clean architecture, and a processor used and recognized by the best on the market for performance is entirely up to the task...the strong point of this is undoubtedly its power supply which includes a battery. This ensures continuity of supply in case of failure. Thus, if power were to be cut, the NAS would handle requests for a few last minutes and then shut down safely, protecting its system and data! It is a revolution in the field and we bestow it with our innovation award."

We love
· Battery backup power.
· Installation directly from the browser.
· Very good performance.

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