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The ComboNAS scores 82% with full functionality and strong performance
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Tweak.dk09/01/2010With robust features, strong performance, and the flexibility to install 2.5" or 3.5" hard drives, the N0503 ComboNAS from Thecus® Technology is truly a NAS server that can do it all. Recently, the editors of had the chance to test this versatile NAS, and after running it through a series of trials, found a lot to like. In the end, they decided to award it a score of 82% and their coveted Safe Buy Award! begins with a short introduction to the N0503: "The market for home servers is increasing as people start to use streaming media to the TV, and people have eventually found out that the centralization of data is important especially if it can be combined with data redundancy. For this, NAS systems come into play. We have just received an N0503 from Thecus, which they also call "ComboNAS" since both 2.5" and 3.5" disks can be used, but not simultaneously. Internals consist of an Atom CPU and 1Gb RAM."

Using the N0503 as a surveillance server doesn't degrade performance: "At, you can download different modules for N0503 including an IP camera module. Since we have two IP cameras here, it was obvious to see what it can do. After installing, the cameras are ready to go...We installed two Trendnet cameras (TV-IP100W-N and TV-IP422) and after a single attempt they were up and running smoothly. However, the NAS was no slower by having to deal with the two cameras.”

And the verdict? "The installation of both hardware and firmware update was quite simple...The web interface works quite well; it's just shame that they have not got it to fill the entire screen, but this will come in a future firmware update. There was never difficult to find the desired functionality in GUI. Overall performance is at the top of the scale...”

· Possibility of adding hardware
· Fine performance
· Optional RAID
· Can use both 2.5" and 3.5" drives

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