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"One of the best Thecus NAS, a storage system that will please all users"
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HWA Golden Award08/16/2010Winning one award after another, the N4200 from Thecus® is quickly becoming the go-to four-bay NAS device for users who are serious about both security and performance. Recently, Hardware Analisis from Spain brought the N4200 into their test labs, and in the end were so impressed that they decided to award it their Golden Award and a final score of 9.3 out of 10!

The review begins with a short introduction to the N4200: "We have had the great pleasure to test various products from different manufacturers, each with its pros and cons, but so far we have not had in our hands any computer as powerful as today we will show, the Thecus N4200. Thecus N4200 has been created in order to meet the needs of demanding users and small businesses that need a storage system that can simultaneously serve the needs of all their workers. The N4200 is a very powerful system based on Intel Atom processor."

Good packaging and good support: "After removing the entire contents of the box we found that Thecus has protected the N4200 to perfection, first with a plastic bag which prevents accidental scratches and later with the polymer side that protects you from scratches ... Good for Thecus!"

And the conclusion? "We believe we have given a complete review of one of the best Thecus NAS, the N4200, a storage system that will please all users. The Thecus N4200 is a brilliant product: powerful, with excellent connectivity, high capacity storage with a great software, with good support ... In short: Excellent! Furthermore, in our tests the N4200 has behaved very well, offering very high transfer rates."

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