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Editors praise massive storage, brilliant features and convenience
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OCC silver award08/04/2010An upgrade of the legendary Thecus® N4100, the N4100PRO delivers enhanced performance and functionality for a new generation. Recently, the editors of Overclockers Club took the N4100PRO and put it to the test, looking at the four-bay NAS from a number of angles. When all was said and done, Overclockers Club walked away very impressed, giving the N4100Pro their Silver Award!

The N4100PRO features bulletproof data protection: "The N4100PRO did an excellent job of protecting the data during a simulated drive failure, allowing the unit to continue operating with a failed disk while rebuilding the array. Throughput rates in the NASPT test dropped to the 1.5-8.0MB/s range, but the server and its data remained available the entire time and did not require it to be powered off and no data was lost."

Expanding RAID volumes on the N4100PRO is a snap: "Now that there is additional space available from the added drive, you can expand the size of the existing RAID volume using the Expand tab on the RAID Configuration screen…Thecus has made it very simple to add additional capacity to a volume. Coupled with the reliable auto rebuild we saw with the removal/replacement in the hard drive 'failure' tests, you could replace your drives one at a time with larger capacity units and then migrate and expand an existing array to take advantage of the extra space offered."

· RAID 0/1/5/6/10/5 + hot spare capability
· RAID level expansion and migration capabilities
· iSCSI target volume support
· Expandable functionality using modules
· Drive hot swapping using easily removable locking drive trays
· Good documentation
· S.M.A.R.T. reporting

The conclusion? "Thecus touts the N4100PRO as the NAS server with unmatched speed and total security. With that kind of billing, it would seem the N4100PRO would be perfect for a small/medium-sized business or a serious-minded home user. With a range of features like RAID 0/1/5/6/10 and 5 + hot spare and advanced level capabilities such as iSCSI support and RAID level migration and expansion the N4100PRO certainly has the pedigree for the job."

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