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Innovative digital storage maker joins Seagate's Dealer's Day
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07/12/2006 As one the world's largest manufacturer of disc drives, Seagate has been leading the way for innovations in disc drive technology since 1979. From June 23rd to 24th, Seagate China held their Dealer's Day in ZhuHai, China, inviting dealers from all over the country to check out their latest storage technologies. This year, Thecus Technology was invited to Seagate's Dealer's Day to show how products from two known leaders in storage can work together for maximum benefit to the end user. Products that were on display include the enterprise-class N4100 and the speedy N2050 eSATA on DAS device.

The N4100 is designed to offer larger storage space, better data security, higher data access throughput, but with lower power consumption. Four SATA drive bays offer excellent expandability, while dual Gigabit Ethernet ports high data throughput enterprise users need. What's more, with the introduction of 750GB hard drives, the N4100 now supports up to a whopping 3TB of storage!

The N2050 is the first DAS storage device to feature a high-speed eSATA interface. With eSATA, the N2050 boasts up to 3Gb/s of data transfer speed – that's six times faster than high-speed USB 2.0! The N2050 is a SATA/USB dual mode device, which means it can use the ubiquitous USB 2.0 interface as well. With the N2050, you can enjoy your digital data your way.

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