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Editors declare "The Thecus N8800PRO offers a lot for its price"
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07/28/2010For enterprises that need some serious storage, it's tough to beat the N8800PRO from storage leader Thecus® Technology. In a recent review, the editors of brought the eight-bay behemoth into their test labs and ran it through a gauntlet of tests. In the end, was very impressed with the unit, saying that "The Thecus® N8800PRO offers a lot for its price."

The N8800PRO is equipped with some serious hardware: "The mechanics of the whole system makes a good or very good impression. The N8800PRP is in contrast to most other SATA arrays is not a "Celeron" processor, but is equipped with a full-fledged "Core 2 Duo" CPU from Intel."

Performance is off the charts: "Our performance tests show that it is worth it, even for small systems, to use a "reasonable" CPU and a large amount of main memory. The Windows Server achieved a read rate of 240 MByte/s on RAID 1 and no less impressive 230 MB/s on RAID 6. RAID 6 write comes in at 70 MB/s, and RAID 1, as expected, was rated at 106 MByte/sec."

The verdict? "The Thecus N8800PRO offers a lot for its price. The long list of supported drives, a lot of protocols and applications, all reasonable RAID protection levels and even German user interface make the array a real option to SMEs. The N8800PRO can be with other JBODs and provides thin provisioning, snapshots and remote mirroring...All in all, a successful solution that rounds off the product lines of Thecus to the top."

· ISCSI support
· Snapshots and remote mirroring
· iTunes and media support
· Quick and easy setup and administration

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