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Innovative hardware and software features wow iXBT editors
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07/14/2010The N4200 Zero-Crash NAS from Thecus® Technology has been raking in the awards as of late. The latest review is from respected hardware authority iXBT, and after heavily testing the N4200, iXBT editors were highly impressed with the device, noting its innovative features and design. In the end, they saw it fitting to bestow the N4200 with their Original Design Award!

The N4200 works great with many third-party UPS units: "Support for uninterruptible power supplies from this manufacturer is one of the most successful in terms of the number of supported models. If the majority of other companies are usually limited to working with APC, Thecus lists nearly two dozen brands. In the options you can specify the service interval messages when your power goes out and the battery level at which the device is switched off. But thanks to the integrated battery you can fully use the drive without an external UPS."

You can always expect top quality and performance from Thecus: "By manufacturing quality and materials are no comments - all at the highest level, as might be expected from one of the leading manufacturers in this field…If we talk about performance, the network storage Thecus N4200 shows fairly good results, almost at the level of Gigabit Ethernet connections...But its numbers today can be evaluated as above average. But do not forget about the price of the device. In comparison with its competitors, the N4200 is much lower, which significantly raises the attractiveness for the consumer."

Here is the iXBT verdict: "When using a standard platform, the differences between the various models are mainly in the software component. However, Thecus has been able to surprise us in terms of hardware implementation - its built rechargeable battery, the ability to install a standard PCIe expansion card, matrix screen with control buttons allowing you to change some parameters of the device without resorting to the web-interface, and OS redundancy increases the resiliency of the drive. For all this, it receives our 'original design' award."

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