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Fearless of power failures, the N4200 comes with its own battery
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07/07/2010 – This year, Thecus® Technology introduced the N4200, and aside from providing the many benefits of a Thecus® NAS device, the N4200 comes with a Mini UPS unit for unmatched system reliability. Recently, Techbang editors tested the Zero-Crash NAS, and found that it shattered the belief that NAS units are hard to setup and expensive. Also, the special features found on the N4200 were deemed very useful by editors, and even changed their entire outlook on the usage of NAS!

To begin, Techbang editors gave a brief description of the N4200: "The N4200 has four drive bays, a dual-core Intel Atom processor, and can support either 3.5” or 2.5” SATA hard disks. It has two LED interfaces which allow you to see the system's status, and even has two power sources where the internal battery automatically kicks in if the power goes out, quickly supplying power to safely shut down the device! This NAS from Thecus® may appear a bit pricey, but it combines both UPS and NAS functionality."

Editors found the N4200's unique Mini UPS feature particularly interesting: "The most interesting feature of this NAS is its internal battery. Everything that uses power is fearful of blackouts, especially sensitive electronic equipment. NAS units are generally stable, power saving and always on, and they house very delicate hard disks that store irreplaceable data for users. Businesses that purchase NAS units typically also invest in a UPS, but the N4200 already includes a backup battery – sort of making it a combination NAS and UPS in one."

Here are the performance results and overall conclusion: "For the performance test, we used two WD10EAVS hard disks in RAID 0 and ran the Intel NAS Performance Toolkit. Powered by the dual core Atom D510, both read and write performance figures were very good…with four hard drive bays, support for RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10, and a very unique battery backup system, the N4200 is a highly desirable product."

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