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IP storage appliance receives praise for design, features, and ease-of-use
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Taipei, Taiwan, 08/01/2005 ??With advanced features, large capacity, and total ease-of-use, the N4100 from Thecus is the ideal network storage appliance for SOHO users and computer enthusiasts who seek a feature-rich and convenient way to archive their most important data. Hardware enthusiast website Hexus recently took a look at the N4100, and were so impressed with it!

Hexus was pleased with the overall design of the Thecus N4100: "When I think NAS, I tend to think rack mount storage, or something mean-looking sat in the server room. The N4100 shatters that image. A sexy little black box, with a Plexiglass fascia and, during operation, LEDs including that most wondrous of LED colours, bloo. It's almost wrong to hide this thing away; it should be sat somewhere in view, where you can show off your new NAS box. Taking a look inside, the N4100 is very neat. The only cables required are from the PSU to the mainboard and drive cage along with the rear 80mm fan. Everything is packed in, with efficient use of space, but it's still possible to get access to all parts of the system, should it be necessary. My general thoughts on the physical design of the Thecus N4100 are that it is both tidy externally and internally."

Designed for ease-of-use, Hexus had no troubles getting the N4100 up and running: "Physical setup is easy; plug in the power and the network cabling, then turn the box on...To actually configure the Thecus N4100 you have to log in through the web admin interface, which can be done via a web browser on a machine attached to the network. Once logged in, every aspect of the N4100 can be managed, from the RAID array to firmware upgrades. The system status page is particularly useful, listing the drives plugged into the N4100 and their status, along with the amount of RAM and load on the Intel IOP processor."

Here is the Hexus conclusion: "The concept of IP based storage is rapidly winning me over. The idea of having a device sat on the network, constantly available for any other machine to access or backup data is appealing to me as somebody with a lot of data to look after and a lot of media that could do to be stored centrally instead of on DVD. Similarly, that appeal can extend into the office environment as a means of both backup and data sharing. Physically, the Thecus N4100 is spot on. It's small, it looks good, it has lots of pretty lights and it has adequate cooling. The drive caddies are sturdy, meaning you can remove and reinsert them without fear of them snapping, unlike some of the cheaper drive caddies I've come across in the past. Feature-wise, the N4100 has some good stuff going for it. Active Directory support will be welcomed by net admins, otherwise the 'regular' user/groups system provides ample control over access to the device. The choice of options for RAID arrays is good."

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