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"The Thecus N7700PRO is a solid Editors Choice Product."
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motherboard.org06/21/2010Powerful and feature-rich, the N7700PRO from Thecus® Technology is the leading seven-bay NAS unit for modern enterprises and multimedia enthusiasts. In their latest review, thoroughly tested the N7700PRO wanting to find out if it is indeed a worthy product for consideration. In the end, was so blown away by it, that they saw no choice but to award the N7700PRO with their highly sought-after Editor's Choice Award, saying that "…the Thecus N7700PRO is a solid Editor's Choice Product."

Getting the N7700PRO up and running is extremely simple: "Installation is easy. Simply open the door, push on the button and pull out the HDD rack. Note that each rack has a lock that secures it in place if you want security. Thecus has made HDD installation simple, just remove the HDD rack mount the HDD and use screws to keep it in place. At this point replace the HDD rack into the unit and repeat till all drives are installed. Simple!"

Multiple RAID modes can be set up quickly and painlessly: "The N7700PRO supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD modes. For purposes of this review we installed two 2TB Western Digital Caviar HDDs. After logging in I was able to set them up in RAID 0 in a matter of 14 minutes. One thing Thecus could have done is give a status bar to show the progress of setting up RAID, but the process was easy and pretty fast for such a large set of HDDs."

Here's the conclusion: "Thecus has spent a long time devising their NAS servers and these shows with the design of the N7700PRO. It supports all of the major file systems including the Mac, Windows and Linux. The unit can take up to seven drives in RAID 0, 1, 5,6,10 or JBOD mode... It is a fully functioning computer with a Core 2 Duo 4GB of memory and gives you plenty of room to install HDDs in various RAID configurations. The Dual DOMs allow the system to boot up after a power failure causes the first DOM to fail, an excellent feature. For those who want only quality and are not afraid of the price tag the Thecus N7700PRO is a solid Editors Choice Product."

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