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"Thecus has brought another high-performance, reliable NAS to the table"
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TweakNews Top Rank award06/16/2010 – Storage leader Thecus® Technology has been winning award after award with their new N4200 Zero-Crash NAS. Over at TweakNews, editors took one such unit and analyzed it from every angle to see if it lived up to expectations. But when push comes to shove, the N4200 shines with its innovative features and strong performance. In the end, TweakNews awarded the N4200 with its coveted Top Rank Award!

The N4200 is a good example of smart design: "A swing-out door exposes the drive bays. Each drive bay is removed by simply tugging on the latch. This is a great design because there's nothing take apart, so drives can be replaced with the unit still running."

Performance and stability in one: "Transfer times were great across the board and even with multiple files being moved around at once, the N4200 didn't choke a bit. I used a few different external hard drives and USB flash drives and they all worked very well with the unit. The dual-core CPU and 1GB RAM make it a well-performing system and it handles multiple clients easily. The price tag might put it out of reach for a lot of home users, but this is a great NAS for an office environment. The interface is rock solid stable and the fail-safe features are a nice addition for extra peace of mind."

The TweakNews conclusion: "Thecus has brought another high-performance, reliable NAS to the table with the N4200. The robust hardware specs make it a solid choice for a multiple user environment, and the battery backup and dual DOM features help avoid data loss in the event of a power outage or firmware corruption. The price is steep, but if data loss is unacceptable this is a NAS worth taking a look at. Even under load, the N4200 operates very quietly. In a room with a desktop PC running and normal ambient background noise, I couldn't hear the unit running unless I put my ear right up to it. Hard drives stayed within an acceptable temperature range as well, averaging around 40 degrees Celsius while under load. After a week of putting this NAS to the test, I can highly recommend it to anyone looking for a secure and dependable way to store and share out files."

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