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"Needless to say, this NAS is the most powerful we've tested."
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HispaZone06/14/2010 – The Thecus® N7700SAS is the most powerful desktop NAS unit ever devised, making it perfect for business environments where performance and data security are top priorities. In their latest review, the editors of HispaZone had the chance to delve into the N7700SAS, and once they were done with their analysis, were very impressed with what they saw, awarding it their Top Performance Award!

HispaZone kicks things off with a brief introduction to the N7700SAS: "This NAS is simply impressive. Not only by its specifications, which are outstanding, but because it is designed for systems where requirements are high in all senses. Not only because it supports seven drives (capacity up to 14TB), in ways independent RAID with SATA or SAS interface, nor because this made so that each element can be replaced quickly and easily, but because it is designed as such so it is not only contributes data storage, but is also a starting point for facilitating many of the daily tasks of a network with a number of PCs in an environment where growth is expected to offer constant demands for improvement with the addition of new units."

External modules can be extremely powerful: "Now the development is opened not only by the manufacturer but also by others users or businesses that want to offer their products in this new generation of devices. A good example is the many modules we can install on Thecus N7700SAS and that further growth possibilities…Replication raid is a magnificent role in transforming our raid in a more advanced or more of an autonomous capacity. Never a migration to expand capacity or RAID mode was so comfortable and fast."

The verdict? "Needless to say, this NAS is the most powerful we've tested. Not only is a machine capable of introducing up to 14TB of capacity in our network but it does so not only in extraordinary ways and methods but also in speed and response. NAS like this make the office work more efficient, with support for any platform, and that the tasks for caring of the data are natural and easy for all users."

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