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twonky media server logo27/05/2010 - Expandability has always been one of the main characteristics of Thecus® NAS products. On that note, the Thecus® engineering team has released a TwonkyMedia™ module for the N2200 and N0204 minNAS.

The new TwonkyMedia™ server offers greater features and flexibility; it supports most DLNA-Certified and UPnP compliant devices such as TVs, PCs, mobile devices and Digital Media Adapters (DMA). Compatibility wise, the TwonkyMedia™ server also supports an abundance of multimedia file formats, allowing users to stream virtually all types of videos, photos and music. Furthermore, TwonkyMedia™ server can even support gaming consoles. Simply connect a PS3 or XBOX360 to the Thecus® NAS, and immediately start streaming multimedia contents from your Thecus® NAS to your TV. It really doesn't get any easier than this.

Users who wish to try out the new TwonkyMedia™ server can go to the Thecus® Download Centre and download the new module. Enjoy the ultimate home entertainment experience with Thecus® and TwonkyMedia™ server.

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