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"Excellent Job Thecus, this is a great product"
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04/12/2010The four-bay N4200 from storage leader Thecus® is making the rounds throughout the enthusiast community. The latest review comes from, who really put the N4200 through its paces. They analyzed every crook and cranny, and once the dust settled, editors were extremely impressed. In the end, they simply had to award it with their most coveted Editor's Choice Award, saying “Excellent Job Thecus, this is a great product that warrants an Editors Choice.”

The N4200's Dual DOM design is a definite highlight: "A NAS Server like the N4200 has a Disk On Module or DOM containing all of the critical software to run the system. If the DOM stops working for any reason, the files on the NAS server could be inaccessible. The N4200 has Dual DOMs, meaning that if one fails the secondary DOM reprograms the primary DOM if it fails meaning your system has an added layer of protection if the primary DOM goes down. This is a great feature introduced by Thecus onto many of their NAS servers."

The N4200 also sports dual displays and an innovative battery backup module: "The N4200 has two displays as well, one LCD and one OLED. The LCD display displays critical system information including the hard disk and network status. The OLED allows you to change a number of system settings such as WAN, LAN, Link Aggregation languages and more. One of the issues with a NAS is a sudden power outage causing data to be lost. The N4200 has a Battery Backup Module with a lithium-ion battery that saves all unwritten data to hard disks saving data and system integrity. The N4200 has combo SATA hard disk bays allowing both 3.5” and 2.5” drives to be installed."

The verdict from "Thecus has spent a long time devising their NAS servers and this shows with the design of the N4200. It supports all of the major file systems including the Mac, Windows and Linux. The unit can take up to four drives in RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 or JBOD mode. … Overall Thecus has done a bang-up job with the N4200 with a Battery Backup Module and Dual DOMs to prevent data loss when a failure occurs in the hardware, software or power. This is an awesome new feature and is like having a power backup without having to plug it into one. Excellent Job Thecus, this is a great product that warrants an Editors Choice.”

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