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Zero-crash four-bay NAS wins accolades with 90% overall rating
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04/07/2010 – When you want precious memories and valuable data stored for a lifetime, you need a NAS that can handle the job. That's why the N4200 from storage leader Thecus® Technology features such innovations as a built-in backup battery, dual DOM design, and a lot more. BitCity recently took the opportunity to test the N4200, and by the time they were done with it, it was clear that this is no ordinary storage unit. In fact, BitCity gave it a rating of 90% and declared it a BitCity Award Winner!

The N4200's dual displays makes administration quick and easy: "The front panel incorporates a series of LEDs standing upright and able to report the status of the disks (operating, idle or failure) as well as that of the two network interfaces and USB. The top of the front houses a 2.8" OLED display clear and capable of displaying different shades of color for text and graphic representation of the notices and menus inside. Indeed, through this little screen and four buttons located just below, you can interact with the operating system integrated inside, setting IP addresses, graphics and audible alerts as well as having always the status of the machine in view."

With a built-in backup battery, your data is always protected: "The second innovation introduced with this model concerns the insertion of a lithium ion battery as support in case of blackouts. The thin battery is inserted in a special slot on the back and provides a degree of tranquility even in the case of power shortages. This is an innovative approach to this type of compact unit and can protect your data without having to buy a dedicated UPS. If no current is detected, a warning tone and a text call your attention. The availability of a backup-battery, directly integrated and replaceable if needed, will help to save the data, ensuring operation as long as necessary to save the data temporarily written to the disks."

The conclusion? "The ease of use and validity of the solutions introduced by this new Thecus N4200 has us impressed. This is a compact unit that combines excellent ergonomics of use and ease of installation, a large number of functions and different communication ports that simplify the integration into different rooms.

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