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New software for easy backups and syncing storage on PC and NAS to keep your important data always up-to-date
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12/07/2018 – Keeping your data safe on Thecus NAS systems is now easier to do than ever before! With the new 'CWBackup' software tool users can now setup backups with just a few clicks while also being able to easily schedule regular data synchronization between your windows PC and network attached storage.

CWBackup was developed by Thecus software engineers and is based on the popular 'FreeFileSync' tool but is much easier to use and was also enhanced by the possibility to schedule syncing your data regularly so nothing ever should get lost!

CWBackup will be available soon on the Thecus website but here's a quick overview: After mapping your Thecus NAS as a network drive to your Windows system and installing CWBackup, you can immediately start your backups – be it system-wide or just for specific folders. Just choose the folder on your PC and a folder on your Thecus NAS and click 'Run' – now they are perfectly synchronized and kept that way as long as CWBackup is running in the background.

Scheduling your data backups or synchronizations is almost as easy and quick. Just choose your local and remote folders on PC and NAS, give this task a name and setup the schedule.

The backup schedule can be defined for specific intervals at specific times but also allows weekly or monthly schedules for data that's not updated as often.

As long as CWBackup is running on your local system (in the background) and the task was 'enabled', your data will be synchronized and regularly updated as scheduled.

Thecus NAS and CWBackup – now safer and easier-to-use than ever before!
To download CWBackup for your Thecus NAS, please check the Download Center on the Thecus website for this utility:

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