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”Exceptionally speedy network backup throughput”
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09/07/2018 – is know for its in-depth reviews of network devices both for home and small businesses and after checking out the Thecus N2350 for two hard drives last year, they recently reviewed the N4350, Thecus' latest competitively priced 4-bay NAS.

The Thecus N4350 is based on the energy-efficient dual-core Marvel Armada 388 SoC and supports some unique features that got the attention of the reviewers. “As you can note, the N4350 has a slightly more powerful processor than the N2350. Both NASes have support for iSCSI target and initiator - a feature that you rarely see in NASes at all, let alone low-end models.

Another interesting feature of Thecus' NAS are the hard drive bays. “The front panel features lockable disk trays - a feature rarely found on entry-level Home/SOHO NASes.

Energy consumption and noise are getting more and more important and Thecus delivers. “The N4350 drew 18 W with four of our stock WD Red 1 TB (WD10EFRX) spun up and 9 W in power save mode with the drives spun down. Fan and drive noise was generally very low.

Network performance testing didn't disappoint either, as usual for NAS built by Thecus. “All of the File Copy Read and Write tests for the N4350 [...] were in excess of 100 MB/s. The N4350 had an exceptionally speedy network backup throughput of 101.4 MB/s.

Overall SmallNetBuilder recommends the Thecus N4350 especially “if you want both iSCSI target and initiator”.
Thanks to the whole team of SmallNetBuilder for this review!

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