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”Outstanding feature of Thecus N2350 is the low purchase price”
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08/31/2018 – PC-Welt is one of the biggest computer magazines in Germany, both printed and online, and has recently taken a long and close look at the Thecus N2350, our current attractively priced entry-level NAS.

The Thecus N2350 is based on a dual-core processor and comes with 1 GB of DDR4 memory and the current ThecusOS 7.0 operating system which offers the opportunity through the integrated App Center to extend the functionality of this NAS with additional features such as cloud backups. But PC-Welt also emphasized the support for extra-large storage capacities  and the lockable hard drive bays which are still rarely found in this price range. “As with other Thecus NAS models, the N2350 comes with lockable slots including two keys. This is not a bad idea, because it makes it easy to prevent mischief with the drives. The maximum total capacity is 24TB, giving you a nominal capacity of up to 12TB for Raid 1, which is plentiful.

When testing performance and network transfer, the N2350 performs well as usual. "A NAS with absolutely decent performance results - especially in real-world tests, which ultimately matter in everyday use.”

Due to these results and the attractive purchase price, the N2350 was ultimately awarded by PC-Welt as a "price-performance winner". “If you are looking for a network storage for primarily building a cheap local data center, the Thecus N2350 is the right choice, given the very good price-performance ratio."

+ lockable hard drive bays
+ low purchase price

Thanks to Ines Walke-Chomjakov and the whole team of PC-Welt for this award!

The complete review of the Thecus N2350 was published in issue 10/18 of PC-Welt and online:,3451809

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