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“A very capable NAS that has many added features which home users will appreciate.”
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03/06/2018 – Zit Seng's Blog is a popular technology and lifestyle blog by a professional IT Architect in Singapore who takes a unique look at a wide variety of hardware and its features. Among the recently reviewed products was the Thecus N4810 and Zit Seng took an extensive look at this 4-Bay NAS.

Zit Seng approached the Thecus N4810 like a real IT guy by first looking at the hardware and then setting it up like every user would. “Under the hood, the N4810 is powered by a very capable quad-core Intel Celeron N3160 processor clocked at 1.6 GHz with turbo up to 2.24 GHz. The NAS comes with 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, which you can upgrade to 8 GB on your own. The extra RAM is useful if you run extra services out of the N4810.

Setting up the N4810 is relatively straight-forward. Connect it to the network, and access it’s web-based configuration [...] The web UI is easy to understand and use […] Advanced users will be happy to see that iSCSI is available.

After putting the NAS to work, Zit Seng was fond of the main feature of ThecusOS 7.0. “The N4810 supports plugin applications which you can easily install from their App Center. There’s quite a good variety to choose from. […] For the non-technical users, the App Center is certainly a very easy way to install server applications. […] In fact, I think it would good to run these apps on the N4810 to get extra value out of it, since its Celeron N3160 processor is all good for the extra work.

Zit Seng was very happy with the performance of this Thecus NAS as well. “The N4810 performs well in terms of I/O throughput. I can easily get about 100 MB/s sequential reads and writes. There are no issues with multiple HD video playback and recording.

In conclusion Zit Seng stated “The Thecus N4810 is a very capable NAS that has many added features which home users will appreciate.

+ Pro features
+ USB Type-C Port
+ DisplayPort and HDMI enables use as media centre
+ Good performance
+ Useful App Center
Thanks to Zit Seng's Blog for this comprehensive review.

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