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“An affordable solution aimed at SOHO and SMB users”
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11/30/2017- With a list of Thecus NAS reviews under their belt, this time the team at KitGuru decided to look at Thecus’ new 4-bay NAS, the N4350

“Marketed as an affordable solution aimed at SOHO and SMB users, the compact 4-bay N4350 NAS from Thecus is an upgraded version of the previous generation N4310 with a faster processor and updated DDR4 memory.”

At the heart of the N4350 is a Marvell Armada 388 CPU backed by 1GB of DDR4 memory which is a step up from the 1GHz CPU (AMCC APM86491RDK) and DDR3 (1GB) memory that the N4310 uses. It supports drives up to 12TB in capacity.

The N4350 uses the latest evolution, OS7, of the Thecus OS. OS7 has a redesigned GUI and revamped features making it easier to use and more feature rich than its predecessors. “The GUI has been redesigned to give a fresh new look with easier navigation around the various features […] the appearance of the interfaced can be changed and you can choose the background from what’s provided to one of your own.”

The overall assessment of the NAS was positive, having the N4350 being awarded the Worth Buying award. “Thecus’s latest 4-bay NAS, the compact N4350 performs well enough and the new OS7 software is the most feature rich to date. With a highly competitive price tag, the N4350 may not have the bells and whistles of some of its competitor’s but if you don’t need them and just need a no nonsense NAS then it should go on any short list.”
  • The latest Thecus OS7 operating system
  • Drive door locks.
  • Compact size.
  • Low power consumption.
We would to thank Simon Crisp and the whole team at for the review.

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