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“An excellent cost-effective entry-level NAS”
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10/12/2017- Taiwan IT magazine PChome is a premium source for the latest technology trends, product news, and is widely favored by readers, this time decided to test Thecus’ latest entry-level 2-bay NAS – N2350.

The N2350 is an upgraded version of the N2310, its hardware specifications have been improved, with the Marvell Armada 385 1.0GHz dual-core processor, and 1GB of resilient DDR4 memory. In addition to being cost-effective to meet the needs of the public, the advanced energy-saving design allows users to ignore the minimal operating running costs of this NAS.

“The N2350 supports the latest ThecusOS 7.0. ThecusOS 7.0 has many new features, such as the Photo Center, App Center and File Center. N2350 also supports disk encryption, iSCSI, remote backup and system transfer, plus more.

For action applications, Thecus offers a variety of Apps to users, including Thecus Connect which allow users to monitor the hardware and performance of the NAS. Users no longer need to sit in front of the computer to see if the NAS is operating correctly.

“Overall, the N2350's high level of cost-effectiveness was greatly appreciated by PChome editors. "For the initial home users market, the simple ability to easily save, access and read their files on the NAS meets the needs of more than 90% of its users. This NAS that Thecus has launched can absolutely be regarded as one of the most valuable NAS on the market.  Even as an entry model, it still can play a substantial role in the home or small office environment.

We would to thank PCHome for the award.

For the whole review by PCHome , please check out the October issue of their magazine.

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