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“What is expected from NAS today? Except the obvious storage functions, it has to be a “personal cloud”, and this role is perfect for N4810.”
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05/25/2017 –  IT-Expert – is a popular magazine about new technologies and their implementation in the home or office. Recently they got interested in a newly released model – Thecus N4810, upon conducting this review they awarded this NAS with the “Editor`s Choice”.

The reviewers appreciated the N4810 not only for its sleek and professional looks, but its quiet operation as well. “The cooling system of the Thecus N4810 consists of one fan 92mm, located in the rear. Its speed is regulated by the NAS. I would like to stress that even during active work with four hard drives having been installed, the noise was hardly noticeable (even at one meter distance I could not get more than 24db).

During the review, special attention was drawn to the multimedia capabilities of this NAS. Its connectivity, quiet operation and 4K support allow users to create a comprehensive multimedia-center at home or the office. The software allows for easy and efficient set up and management.

“If at the times of early development of NAS the operational system was more like an instrument, now one look at ThecusOS 7.0, and one can understand how far the progress has moved forward. In the interface one can find almost more than in Windows. It is simply impossible to describe everything in this material, otherwise the magazine will only be about it, and therefore I will focus on the key points.”

When testing the device, the speed of copying from the server was 108.7 MB / s, the speed of copying to the server was 105.7 MB / s. "The performance of Thecus N4810, in my opinion, is optimal. The Intel Celeron N3160 processor, coupled with 4 GB of RAM, allows you to work even with heavy content for small companies. "

In conclusion I can acknowledge I like this NAS. It is sleek and minimalistic at first glance, but it can function as a complete multimedia-center. But the most important is that the Thecus N4810 can tackle various tasks for a small and medium business. Personal NAS usage is in any case more secure than using public cloud storage. In addition any NAS can be customized according to the user`s preferences. This is an excellent storage solution which deserves our “Masterpiece of Technology” award.
We thank Alexander Kozlov and the whole team of IT-Expert for the collaboration and award.

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